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Tank Lining

Corrosion-resistant tank lining coatings provide a vital layer of protection, inhibiting the corroding, emulsifying, and eroding effects of chemicals, acidic and alkaline liquids, and abrasive agents.

Because prolonged exposure to these substances can severely undermine a tank's structural integrity, specialized coatings and liners can be applied to extend service expectancy.

At G&C Coatings and Industrial Services, we offer a comprehensive suite of corrosion-resistant tank lining systems for use in a broad range of industry applications, such as pipe linings, steel or concrete tanks, truck tankers, potable water tanks, bulk storage tanks and more. Our team of expert technicians can help you choose the ideal coating or lining system for your intended application, delivering cost-effective solutions that improve safety and minimize downtime while optimizing the efficiency of operations and materials handling processes.

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Tank Lining

Tank Lining

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The coating technicians at G&C Coatings and Industrial Services offer extensive experience with tank lining systems, ensuring the sustained performance and optimized safety of treated storage units. All of our work is performed in accordance with applicable government and professional specifications and requirements, and we are pleased to recommend particular processes or solutions if you need assistance in selecting the right tank lining technology.

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant Tank Lining Services

Tank Lining System Applications

While professionals use a range of technical criteria to classify tank-lining technologies, it is most helpful to consider the intended end application. Certain tank liners have been developed for highly specific uses and are formulated to provide enhanced protection against the damaging agents most commonly seen in related environments.

  • Linings for tanks storing leaded or unleaded fuel
  • FDA-approved and NSF-certified water tank liners for drinking water and saltwater storage structures
  • Chemical Resistant Tank Lining developed for use in hazardous environments, including petrochemical processing, offshore oil and gas storage and transportation, and chemical repositories
  • Liners formulated for tanks holding substances in specific pH ranges (i.e. acidic or alkaline materials)
  • Food and beverage tank liners

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G&C Coatings is crucial to our industrial coatings solutions. The team is very knowledgable and has hands on experience in the various industries of equipment they service. Their ability to take on large equipment and complex projects is second to none.

Travis Greenwood
Chief Operations Officer, Tech Fab

G&C has proven to be our number one blast and paint provider. Their prices are competitive in the market and their turn-around is always on time. The end product has always exceeded our expectations and their team is great to work with.

James Rossingly
Fabrication Division Leader
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