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Offshore operations take place in some of the world's most demanding industrial environments.

Equipment and components must be able to maintain performance integrity in chemically complex environments that pose advanced risks. At G&C Coatings, our team of expert technicians provide offshore coating services to help you mitigate those risks and give your offshore equipment the essential protection it needs to meet the challenges of these conditions.

Protect Against Common Threats in Offshore Environments

In offshore and marine environments, your equipment and components require safeguarding against:

  • Pressure extremes. Underwater immersion puts significant pressure demands on exploration and extraction equipment. G&C Coatings offers an extensive range of specialized treatments that help pipes and vessels resist the damaging effects of high-pressure environments.
  • Temperature extremes. The temperature ranges seen in the offshore industry are typically more extreme than those in on-shore drilling and extraction operations. Without proper treatments, pipelines, vessels and other highly sensitive forms of equipment will begin to suffer performance losses, ultimately leading to operational instability and safety hazards. We help you avoid these undesirable situations by ensuring your equipment is equal to the challenges it faces in the field.
  • Corrosive agents. The saline composition of seawater can be damaging to certain metals and alloys, many of which are used in the construction of offshore pipelines, vessels, storage, and transportation equipment. Our treatments create an effective barrier against these and other types of corrosive attacks.

G&C Coatings’ services help you extend the operational lifespan of your offshore equipment, all while improving safety initiatives and reducing costs through the prevention of operational downtime. The benefits of offshore equipment coatings help you maintain a vital competitive edge, ultimately supporting boosted efficiency and productivity.

Our Facility

Rigs used in the upstream oil and gas industry can be extremely large, making them difficult to blast and coat for some, but at G&C Coatings we have an expansive facility that can handle your large or bulkly equipment. Key features of our facility include:

2 steel shot abrasive blast booths
 (one 80' x 25' x 25', one 70' x 20' x 20')
4 custom spray booths
(one 80' x 25' x 25', three 70' x 20' x 20')
17,625 total square feet
of indoor, climate-controlled touch-up area
35,000 total square feet
of indoor, climate-controlled painting area
G&C Coatings Industrial Coatings Facility Building Exterior

Why Choose G&C?

Manual or automated application of high-performing industrial coatings
An advanced knowledge of industry technologies and best practices.
Attentive expertise in guiding customer coating and treatment selections.
Courteous service and expedited project completion.

To learn more or inquire about the suitability of specific coatings and treatments for your upstream oilfield project, contact a G&C Coatings team member by phone or email today!

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