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Epoxy Fireproofing

Epoxy-based intumescent passive fire protection (PFP) coatings offer highly durable and corrosion-resistant solutions for surfaces in need of flame-resistant treatments.

While cementitious fireproof coatings are sometimes used in place of epoxy-based treatments, experts generally recommend epoxies due to their superior life cycle cost and ease of maintenance. Cementitious treatments are typically applied to non-steel materials, such as wood and masonry, while epoxies are the best choice for steel, metals, and alloys.

The underlying purpose of industrial epoxy fireproofing is to prevent the treated surface from reaching a critical core temperature when exposed to flames.

Though your specific needs may vary according to your organizational fire risk reduction plan, epoxy-fireproofing treatments are recommended for all primary structural components that come in contact with flammable chemicals and agents.

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Epoxy Fireproofing

Epoxy Fireproofing

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The G&C team will happily help you select an epoxy coating that is specifically formulated for your intended application. We can also provide detailed information on optimization strategies that will ensure treated materials maintain peak performance across their lifespan. Contact us today to get your project started with our knowledgeable team.

Epoxy Fireproof Coatings Houston

Industrial Applications of Epoxy-Based Fireproof Coatings

Epoxy fireproof coatings are used in a wide range of industrial facilities and offsite settings with particularly vital applications in oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical processing industries. They can also be applied to structural beams and architectural support and reinforcement components to provide facilities with advanced protection against costly and dangerous fire hazards.

When choosing an epoxy-based fireproof coating, it is essential to consider the product's performance record, as not all treatments are made equal and some have been known to fail. At G&C Coatings, we only offer proven epoxy fireproofing solutions that have been extensively tested to ensure performance reliability.

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Certified Applicators for Fireproof Coatings

At G&C Coatings, we believe in safety-first.

Our team are certified applicators of Sherwin Williams FIRETEX® fireproofing coating. This anti-corrosive epoxy coating insulates steel structures during hydrocarbon fires for up to four hours. G&C’s certification and ability to apply to any steel structure helps mitigate fire threats, protect the environment, and save lives.

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G&C Coatings is crucial to our industrial coatings solutions. The team is very knowledgable and has hands on experience in the various industries of equipment they service. Their ability to take on large equipment and complex projects is second to none.

Travis Greenwood
Chief Operations Officer, Tech Fab

G&C has proven to be our number one blast and paint provider. Their prices are competitive in the market and their turn-around is always on time. The end product has always exceeded our expectations and their team is great to work with.

James Rossingly
Fabrication Division Leader
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