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Backup Generator

Power generation rental equipment must be ready to roll at all times.

Your backup generators, switchgear, load banks, fuel tanks, transformers, and ground protection rentals need to be running great and looking good – you never know when a customer might need them.

Protect the longevity and restore the luster to your backup power generation rental equipment with G&C Coatings.

G&C Coatings’ industrial coatings, blasting treatments and refurbishing services remove stains and discolorations from your valuable power generation rental equipment, improve safety and extend their active life.

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Backup Generator

Backup Generator

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Backup Generator Refurbish & Repair

Minor touch-ups and full-scale surface refurbishment

Whether your power generation rental equipment needs minor touch-ups or full-scale surface refurbishment, G&C Coatings can get the job done promptly and professionally by providing:

  • Extensive expertise with a full range of blast media
  • Precision surface preparation
  • Blasting services to remove even heavy rust buildups
  • In-house metal surface repair services
  • Broad selection of OEM-approved paints and surface treatment products to ensure your equipment conforms to desired specifications
  • Professional paint refurbishing that makes used equipment look brand new

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Providing the protection you need

When refurbishing and repainting your rental backup generators and power generation equipment, G&C Coatings uses a two-step process:

  • Apply primer coat of multi-purpose modified phenolic epoxy

Once applied, epoxy coatings create a barrier against the damaging effects of water, acidic and alkaline substances, chemicals, and solvents. Epoxy formulations are selected through careful evaluation of the materials being coated and the environmental conditions they will face during use.

  • Apply a top coat of two-component aliphatic acrylic polyurethane

Polyurethane coatings are specially formulated to create a smooth finish that provides outstanding protection from weathering, chemical and environmental damage, abrasion, and corrosion.

Polyurethane coatings set in a matter of minutes, can be applied in a single pass, and do not require any additional curing.

These coatings are available in a broad range of colors and pigments, and can be formulated to create a matte, glossy, or transparent appearance.

Revitalizing the equipment you have

G&C Coatings has the industry experience, expertise and equipment to bring all your power generation and backup generators back to life and looking like new. G&C Coatings can revitalize a wide variety of backup generators, including:

  • MQ Power Diesel Generators
  • MQ Whisper watt DCA45SSI 40kW Generator
  • Caterpillar G3516 Natural Gas Gen Packages
  • Caterpillar G3306 Gen Packages

Power generation rental equipment provides critical energy and electricity to a wide variety of industries and events, including:

  • Oil & gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Road and bridge infrastructure improvement
  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Emergency power
  • Entertainment & special events
  • Load testing
  • Logistical planning
  • Natural disasters
  • Planned and unplanned outages
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Power supply testing
  • Telecommunications
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G&C Coatings is crucial to our industrial coatings solutions. The team is very knowledgable and has hands on experience in the various industries of equipment they service. Their ability to take on large equipment and complex projects is second to none.

Travis Greenwood
Chief Operations Officer, Tech Fab

G&C has proven to be our number one blast and paint provider. Their prices are competitive in the market and their turn-around is always on time. The end product has always exceeded our expectations and their team is great to work with.

James Rossingly
Fabrication Division Leader
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