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Industrial Coatings

G&C Coatings is a full-service provider of commercial and industrial equipment coatings, blasting treatments and fireproofing solutions. We serve a broad range of industries and possess specialized expertise in subsea, offshore, oil & gas, and pipeline sectors.

At G&C, it is our goal to prevent costly downtime and ensure a superior return on your equipment investment. Our 30-acre, state-of-the-art facility is located in East Houston and houses a climate-controlled indoor painting area as well as six large blasting and spraying booths. Using best practices and adhering to our rigorous quality control standards, our highly skilled technicians deliver client-focused service at every project phase. For your convenience, we also offer field service, disassembly and reassembly, and project transport when it is not feasible to transport equipment.

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Industrial Coating & Blasting Services We Offer


Blast media and coating will prolong the performance and lifespan of your industrial equipment, steelwork, subsea vessels, marine equipment, automotive components, and more.

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Create a smooth finish that displays outstanding weathering performance capabilities while protecting substrates from chemical and environmental damage, abrasion, and corrosion.

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Field Service

G&C offer's onsite equipment coating services to clients requiring offsite assistance for assemby/disassembly, touch-up, transportation and small metal fabrication

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Fireproofing Protection

Flammable materials pose significant risks that can be mitigated to optimize institutional safety standards and minimize the risk of process interruptions, damage to property, inventory, and assets.

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Paint Refurbishing & Repair

Improve the appearance of your business assets without making massive investments in new equipment with our paint refurbishing and repair services, a cost effective solution.

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Project Transportation

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we offer equipment drop pick up and drop off if you are unable to make it to our facilities.

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Small Fab & Repair

In addition to a wide range of epoxy, polyurethane, and fireproof coatings, our team is available to provide small metal fabrication and repair services at your job site.

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Tank Lining

Corrosion-resistant tank lining coatings provide a vital layer of protection, inhibiting the corroding, emulsifying, and eroding effects of chemicals, acidic and alkaline liquids, and abrasive agents.

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Benefits of Partnering with G&C Coatings

Clients who trust G&C Coatings with their business enjoy many proven advantages, including:

  • Rigorous quality control standards developed from ISO 9001 (2008) protocols
  • Regular improvement of operational & technological capabilities
  • Continuous employee skills development programs & internal auditing initiatives
  • Full transparency, project traceability & accountability

To discuss your project, request an estimate, or speak with a member of our blasting and coating team, call 832-376-2401 or contact us online. Our team will be in touch promptly to collaborate with you!

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