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Small Fab & Repair

In addition to providing a comprehensive suite of epoxy, polyurethane and fireproof coatings that resist the damaging effects of corrosion, fire and chemical attacks, the G&C Coatings team is pleased to offer onsite fabrication repair services for small repairs.

When you're unable to bring your equipment to our East Houston facility for treatment, we will happily dispatch a highly qualified and skilled technician to your job site to perform the work.

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Small Fab & Repair

Small Fab & Repair

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G&C’s Small Fab & Repair Expertise

G&C also provides helpful consulting services to clients requiring repair or refurbishing of metal exterior components. To submit your project specifications or request small metal fabrication and repair field services, please contact the engineers at G&C Coatings by phone or email today.

Onsite Fabrication Repair Services Houston

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Benefits of Partnering with G&C

At G&C Coatings, we take pride in providing our valued clients with an outstanding value proposition. Our small metal fabrication and repair services deliver:

  • Outstanding quality control. All work is performed with your direct input, and according to your exact specifications. We have created and implemented an industry-leading quality control program that prioritizes client satisfaction above all else.
  • Logistical convenience. Our goal is to help clients avoid production delays, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks. When you choose us as your locally based small metal fabrication and repair consultant, we'll make sure your equipment is serviced promptly so you don't have to worry about costly downtime.
  • Proven capability and extensive experience. Our passion for what we do shows in every job. The G&C Coatings team is led by managing partners who have a genuine enthusiasm for the industry and have gone to great lengths to build a versatile skill set that is helpful for a range of industries.

Larger-scale metal fabrication and repair jobs can be handled at our state-of-the-art East Houston facility, where we maintain an advanced suite of tools and technologies to help us deliver consistently excellent levels of customer service.

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G&C Coatings is crucial to our industrial coatings solutions. The team is very knowledgable and has hands on experience in the various industries of equipment they service. Their ability to take on large equipment and complex projects is second to none.

Travis Greenwood
Chief Operations Officer, Tech Fab

G&C has proven to be our number one blast and paint provider. Their prices are competitive in the market and their turn-around is always on time. The end product has always exceeded our expectations and their team is great to work with.

James Rossingly
Fabrication Division Leader
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