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Caterpillar CS56B Compactor

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Bechtel Engineering
Caterpillar CS56B Compactor
Heavy Equipment
20' x 8' x 10' (LxWxH)
25346 lb
Houston, TX

Mindful Painting & Blasting for Vulnerable Equipment

This paint refurbish and repair job was completed for Bechtel Engineering. The Caterpillar CS56B Compactor has rotating mechanical equipment with a number of moving parts. Our team was required to pay close attention to detail while blasting and painting to ensure the moving parts were protected and undamaged at all times. We used orgnaic walnut shell to better protect the complexities this project entailed.

Our painters and blasters take great pride in the mindfulness of the different bearings and machine components. When painting this equipment, the engine stays in tac making it extremely volunerable to the blasting process.

The roller makes it a very awkward piece of equipment - challenging to move around the paint booth. The process of painting the top of the roller, letting it dry, and then rotating it around is a bit comberson when dealing with smaller/tight quarters like a paint booth.

We completed this job, blasting, coatings, assemble and disassembly in 8 days.

  • take all panels off engine housing
  • remove cab to complete small fab repair work

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