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Electric Frac Unit

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NRG Pumping Technologies
Electric Frac Unit
8'6" x 13' x 65' (WxHxL)
95,000 lbs
Waller, TX

Industrial Coatings Paint Refurbishing and Repair for an Electric Frac Unit

Our expert blasting team at G&C Coatings and Industrial Services cleaned and performed spot blasting on various parts of this electric frac unit. It was initially painted at G&C Coatings and sent to the customer where they added metal supports. Instead of reblasting the entire piece of equipment we spot blasted the new metal and completed the 2-coat system on the entire unit.

The frac unit sits on a trailer with air brakes making it a bit more complicated to move the equipment. The air brakes had to be charged in order to release them so the team could position the equipement where  needed.

This Electric Frac Unit had a lot of stainless that was exposed. Any exposed stainless and machined surfaces have to be masked off and protected from all blast, prime and topcoat systems. Our team handled this requirement with great care and attention to detail to ensure all equipment was protected and undamaged throughout the process.

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