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The downstream sector of the oil and gas industry is focused on the refinement of crude oil and petroleum products, as well as their eventual distribution to end usage points.

In both cases, businesses need equipment that is specially configured to withstand the demands of refinement, storage, and transportation processes. Specifically, downstream oil and gas equipment needs advanced corrosion and chemical attack resistance capabilities, along with the ability to perform at high levels in the face of temperature, pressure, and agitation extremes.

Equipment Coating Capabilities

G&C Coatings has extensive experience providing downstream equipment coatings for:

  • API 650 Storage Tanks
  • Vacuum Distillation Columns
  • Deethanizer Units
  • Crude Distillation Units (CDU)
  • And more

Our Facility

Rigs used in the upstream oil and gas industry can be extremely large, making them difficult to blast and coat for some, but at G&C Coatings we have an expansive facility that can handle your large or bulkly equipment. Key features of our facility include:

2 steel shot abrasive blast booths
 (one 80' x 25' x 25', one 70' x 20' x 20')
4 custom spray booths
(one 80' x 25' x 25', three 70' x 20' x 20')
17,625 total square feet
of indoor, climate-controlled touch-up area
35,000 total square feet
of indoor, climate-controlled painting area
G&C Coatings Industrial Coatings Facility Building Exterior

Why Choose G&C?

Manual or automated application of high-performing industrial coatings
An advanced knowledge of industry technologies and best practices.
Attentive expertise in guiding customer coating and treatment selections.
Courteous service and expedited project completion.

To learn more or inquire about the suitability of specific coatings and treatments for your upstream oilfield project, contact a G&C Coatings team member by phone or email today!

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Proven Solutions for the Downstream Oil & Gas Sector

Our suite of high performing, reliable refinery protective coatings for the downstream oil and gas sector include:

  • Industrial coatings. We apply a broad range of epoxy, polyurethane, and high-temperature coatings to prevent damage caused by abrasion, corrosion, temperature and pressure extremes, and harsh chemical agents.
  • Tank liners. Oil and gas storage tanks need to be carefully upgraded with supplementary treatments to ensure product and environmental safety. We help downstream oil and gas clients reduce accidents and remain compliant with government and industry performance standards.
  • Process vessel protection. Process vessels face some of the most demanding tasks in the downstream sector, and our treatments help them perform better and enjoy a longer operational lifespan.

The expert team at G&C Coatings offers proven expertise in helping downstream oil and gas sector clients select the treatments and refinery protective coatings needed to improve safety, boost efficiency, and extend equipment life. With our help, you can build a more streamlined and cost-effective operation while maintaining a vital competitive advantage.

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