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Blue Drilling Rig

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Star Valley Drilling
Drilling Rig
250' x 450' x 125' (WxLxH)
95,000 lbs
Trinidad & Tobago

Blast, Prime and Paint for Double Structure Drilling Rig

This drilling rig had a double structure - water tank (bottom) and drillers cabin (top) that was blasted, primed and painted at the G&C Coatings facility in Houston, TX. It received a 3 or 4-coat system depending on the equipment that was being serviced.

When G&C received the rig, the mast and sub were 500,000 lbs. G&C Coatings upgraded it to 750,000 lbs. while working closely with API Inspectors and API Qualified Welders. This is a unique ability of our highly trained and skilled team. The ability to coordinate the API inspector and API qualified welders in order to upgrade the lift capacity is not typically handled by an industrial coatings company. Normally something like this is limited to API manufacturing facilities.

Project time total: 3 months (arrival of first piece, refurb, rig up, testing, commission, rig down, transportation (by truck and boat)

In order to properly blast, prime, and paint this equipment we had to disassemble each structure. We averaged about 4-6 days per part:

  • 1 day to break apart,
  • 1 day to blast, prime, paint,
  • 1 day to reassemble

The number of people it took to compelt each service:

  • Disassemble: 6 team members
  • Blast and handling: 3-4 team members
  • Painters: 3 for each structure
  • Reassemble: 5-6 team members

Our blasters often are the ones performing the disassembly with direction from the PM. G&C Coatings also assisted in the placement and the rig up for this structure.

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