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Mud Pump Skid

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Patterson UTI
Mud Pump Skid
12' x 45' x 9' (W x L x H)
130,000 lbs
Houston, TX

130,000 lb Mud Pump Skid

G&C Coatings and Industrial Services blast and paint a large volume of Mud Pump Skids. They are typically very heavy. This one specifically weighed 130,000 lbs and was 12 feet wide x 45 feet long. These dimensions make the weight harder to distribute when maneuvering. It can take between 4-8 personnel to move it into a booth to prepare it for our blasting and coatings process.

Our team's attention to detail makes projects like these go really smooth. Factors that we have to consider when blasting and coating these units:

  • This unit has multiple colors that required our team to coordinate the order in which piece gets blasted and coatings first. It is critical to get the order correct to ensure quality, color match and onetime delivery.
  • The motor is on an adjustable skid that moves it. If they paint the threads, it will no longer move the way it is intended.
  • Customer labels and piping color designation must be followed per customer spec. The colors mean something to the operators helping them decipher what is in each pipe.

These are just a few of many steps that the experts at G&C Coatings take in order to ensure we are meeting all requirements of each customer as well as keeping our own team safe.

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